Destination & Event Planning

As your Destination & Event Management Team, VCS will utilize our professional resources and handle every detail of your project… pre-event planning, creative development, on-site management and post-event review.

Pre-Event Planning

In this stage, we determine

  • what are your goals and objectives are for your event
  • what is the message that you want to communicate
  • what is your budget
  • develop a timeline
  • procure third-party vendors if necessary

Then, we develop a comprehensive plan that meets all of your needs.  This becomes our project plan… our plan for a successful event.


Creative Development

VCS can design and manage all creative aspects of your event…this is your event image

  • The Message: invitations, confirmation cards & post-event correspondence
  • The Look: venue layout & decor
  • The Fun: entertainment, talent & staging
  • The Taste: catering & staffing
  • The Feel:audio/visual needs
  • The Accommodations: air, ground & lodging

Each element of the creative plan will be completely defined during our pre-event planning to ensure we’re on track with your expectations, budget considerations and event objectives.


On-Site Event Management

VCS specializes in managing successful events. We will be on-site before, during and after your event to oversee every detail. During the project, we will coordinate all pre-event activities, manage all third-party vendors, run the event timeline and agenda; as well as, orchestrate on-site activities to deliver superior outcomes.


Post-Event Review

Our post-event review consists of:

  • analyzing the days activities
  • ensure that all expenses are paid based on the contract agreements
  • determine outcomes and success of our communication 

At the end of the day, our success depends on your satisfaction and your desire to continue to work with us on your future projects.

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