Public Relations

Campaign Planning

  • Budget Forecasting
  • Relationship Development

You can’t get to your destination without knowing where you currently are… where you want to go…what are your resources; cerebral, man-power and budget…and what route is needed to get there.  Simply stated, this is planning…assessing assets, allocating resources, leveraging relations and plotting your course.  This is the type of planning VCS will provide as your Public Relations Team.


Content Development

  • Building Credibility
  • Digital Environment
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Website

In today’s world, Public Relations is creating, generating and pushing content…accurate and compelling content.  Content is moved through various venues…traditional press and the digital environment.  VCS can help your organization develop its personality and share its positive image to your audience.


Media Preparation

  • Press Conference & Events
  • Speech Writing & Presentation

Having a great message is vital but how and whom your message is presented speaks volumes.  It’s imperative that your words, emotions and actions are synchronized. It is equally important that these actions are presented to your desired audience.  This is where research, coordination and planning are needed…let VCS build that process for you.


External & Internal Communication

  • Newsletter
  • Presentations

Have you ever wondered why external stakeholders didn’t know about your new programs or services?  Have you noticed that internal stakeholders are not following new procedures or sharing best practices?  Then perhaps, you need to start communicating to your stakeholders a clear, concise and consistent message.  Now, communication isn’t a one-way conversation.  If you are communicating properly, you are expressing yourself through means that are preferred and overwhelming accepted by your stakeholders.  This is how VCS helps you get everyone on the same page…hearing and seeing the same message comfortably.


Crisis Communications

We always hope for the best; but one thing is for sure, if we don’t plan for the “unthinkable” then our lack of action will be our worse and most memorable response.  It is important for every organization to develop a crisis communication plan that addresses specific scenarios and possible threats.  VCS will help you reduce the chaos, build your plan and deliver a positive response in difficult times.



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