It starts at the top…an organization’s success is determined by the value that you place on your Brand.  This standard is illustrated through your example…you must live and breathe…walk the walk…talk the talk of your Brand so that it penetrates to your internal and external stakeholders.  If you don’t treasure your Brand, you can’t expect your stakeholders to like, attach, need, be loyal nor; most importantly, share your Brand.  

Vivid Philsophy

Define – Who are you?  What do you do best?

Target – Who are your stakeholders?

Discover & Engage – What do your stakeholders think about you?

Crafting the Communication – Lets start to establish our message

Resource Determination – By what means, do we effectively share our story?

Implement – Time to start sharing our story.

Evaluate – Constantly examining our message and its distribution on all levels.

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