Three keys to Campaigning

Have you mastered the art of political campaigning?

Have you mastered the art of political campaigning?

Greetings…the last time we talked, we discussed Four Points to Consider in Crisis Management.  Since then, I’ve had my own household crisis.  One day after school, my daughter came home and with excitement stated, “Daddy, I made the list; I was selected to run for student council.”  She was so thrilled with the opportunity to serve; however, that joy disappeared when she stated, “Now, I have to give a speech to the entire student body.  What will I say?”

As I laughed, I said, “This is the easiest speech you will ever give; you are talking about yourself and nobody knows you and your aspirations better than you.  Your student council campaign will be great!”  From that point, we discussed three keys to her campaign…

Define who you – determine what characteristics of your personality will connect with your classmates.

  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are your passions?


Communicate who you are – at every opportunity during your campaign tell your classmates that you are running for office.

  • Introduce or re-introduce yourself to the school
  • Converse with students…take turns talking and listening to their concerns and interests
  • Ask your classmates for their support and vote


Be who you say you are – be honest with your classmates.

There is nothing worse than an untrue candidate.  In your campaign, if you tell people that you are passionate about helping others then you better have some proof or documentation of your work.  People will have faith in your abilities if your actual walk represents your descriptive words.


images_vote for meThese keys are not only important for a solid campaign; they are vital to building personal and organizational brands…

  • Know who you are
  • Connect and communicate your benefits to your audience
  • Talk the talk; walk the walk


BTW… my daughter won her campaign.  I’m a proud Dad!

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