Bringing sexy to your Brand may require a partner

John Legend is "bring-sexy' to the redesigned Chevy Impala

John Legend is “bringing-sexy’ to the redesigned Chevy Impala

You have to give it to the NBA, not only did they have an exciting clash of athletes that represented an old-school and new-school approach to the game in the Championship Finals but they also were the launching pad for two creative promotional campaigns.  We already talked about one of the campaigns in our blog entry, “3 Things Jay-Z and Samsung Got Right.”  Now, let’s talk about the other, the “Made to Love Campaign,” a partnership between Musician and Humanitarian, John Legend and the iconic newly redesigned Chevrolet Impala.

What our #goVividTeam sees in this campaign is… 

  • Great Mood – the mood for this campaign is stylish and sexy.  From the city landscapes, fashion, the lighting and the music; every element in this campaign places emphasis on style and sex-appeal.   
  • Emphasis on Targeting – this campaign is racially multi-cultural highlighting young urbanites.  Chevy wants to re-image the Impala for younger affluent adults to compete against products made by foreign automakers, specifically Honda and Toyota. 
  • Intelligent Brand Partnership –  Chevy was smart to partner with John Legend on this campaign.  Legend’s persona speaks self-confidence, fashionable and classy.  Chevy’s foreign competitors aren’t using Personality Brands to promote their products; they are basically competing on product price and performance.  Chevy decided to not only compete on their level but increase the stakes for immediate attention by using the “Celebrity Factor.”

Even though, both of these campaigns, “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and “Made to Love” have very different approaches, the process is the same… 

  • Team Work – Chevy is leveraging John Legend’s age and racial diverse fan base to become Impala buyers.
  • Customer Need & Gratification – In the 60s – 80s, the Chevy Impala was your Dads automobile or perhaps the vehicle that was used to teach you how to drive.  In the 90s, the Impala became a hip-hop novelty with big beats and chrome rims.  Things have changed after 2000, consumers don’t want to be like their Parents and they don’t want to be treated like a teen.  However, everybody wants to feel sexy, cool and youthful.  So, if the Chevy Impala can deliver that gratification to potential car buyers like it illustrates in the commercial then expect rush hour traffic to look different this fall.
  • Creating BUZZ – Because Legend has a new CD releasing in September, the Chevy Impala Brand will be top of mind; a part of his musical promotional tour throughout the summer.

This campaign will be just as HOT as Magna Carta Holy Grail.  Congrats to Spike DBB and Believe Media.

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